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RCTP Digital Installation - a proud moment

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Hello guys, I  hope everyone is safe and healthy at their homes.

I have been a part of Rotaract Club of Thane Premium as Joint Digicom Director for 3 months, hence this is the first time I have experienced such a grand Installation ceremony.

My preconceptions of what Rotaract/Rotary Clubs would be doing for the society were low as there are many NGOs who do the same work but do not get much recognition or support from people. However, by experiencing the installation ceremony of the club my mind just was blown out of words to appreciate the amount of respect a Rotaractor or Rotarian gets from the society by just being a part of a club.

 I feel extremely proud to be a part of Rotaract Club of Thane Premium.

Thank you President Rtr. Sagar Pawar for selecting me to serve the community & enhance my skills. Salute to all the team members.

Please have look over the screenshots of the Zoom Meeting.

As many people had switched off their webcams during the installation ceremony I was unable to capture their beautiful faces.

RTR. Rajesh Shantaram Desai

(Jt. Digicom Director - RC Thane Premium 20-21)

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