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The first question which crosses our mind is what is peer pressure?

"Peer Pressure is influence from members of one's peer group."

Just like a coin has two sides peer pressure also has two sides it shows negative as well as positive effects. If a person is pressurizing you for a good cause then it is Motivation and it is very important for our personal growth but if a person is pressurizing you for a bad cause it will have devastating effects. Therefore it's necessary for a person not to get influenced by people around him/ her and take decisions according to your choice.

" Go do it everybody is doing it ,it doesn't matter ,it's just one drink." I had no clue what to do these were the voices echoing in my head . I was not willing to fail my parents as I knew this is not good but at the same time I didn't want everyone to think I was scared or I was a looser. My mind was tossing between these two thoughts!!

This is usually the typical outcome of a scene like this. It is called peer pressure.

Peer pressure is a very common thing experienced by teenagers. This Pressure can affect the child mentally, physically as well as emotionally. The major effect of peer pressure is Low self esteem . If the child is mocked by his peers he feels that he is worthless and good for nothing and this completely affects his life.

Substance abuse is a very common thing during adolescence . Offering Drug or alcohol to fellow mates is a very common scenario among teenagers. They feel that doing drugs or drinking alcohol makes them" look cool ". They are unaware about the adverse effect it causes their body.

To fit and adjust among his fellow mates the child starts to change and usually moves towards negative thing's. He feels that if he doesn't change people will mock at him and he won't be accepted in the group. This is where he starts changing himself right from his clothing to his habits. He often takes decision thinking that " if I do this people will think I am not cool, and I am not like them ,so let's do this it will make me fit in the group". This is what a teenager usually thinks. Therefore a teenager try's to change his personality to please others but they have no clue that it affects their future.

Why do peer groups have so much power?

This is because it provides a individual with a self esteem, self image and security. Children usually fail to think of the morals and values taught by their family. They change themselves just for acceptance.

During teenage many teens suffer from depression . It occurs because they are not happy with their personality and they are mocked and not accepted in their group. They go through a period of inner turmoil and rebellion due to these issues. Depression can also occur due to family issues so that should also be taken care of.

How to resist Peer Pressure?

You can do this by simply a affirmative "NO" . Before giving in to peer pressure think about its effects on your future and family. Try and find friends who can accept you as you are without influencing your thoughts . Take decisions which you feel are good for you without anyone else's thoughts intervening in your decision. Set goals and follow it so it will help you stay away from the unwanted negative influence.

"Only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher " - Oprah Winfrey

RTR. Sakshi Sameer Bharati

(Editor - RC Thane Premium 20-21)

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