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Movies ki Duniya

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Life in 21st century has become stressful and fast paced where everyone is running behind their work or goals to achieve,but when was the last time we ever took a break and relaxed a bit? When was the last we were actually able to go on a vacation?

If not vacations, we can still take a virtual tour through movies!

Movies are the portals which brings you to the new virtual world wherein you can relax and slow down a bit from your fast paced life.

Movies are the good entertainment source to pass your time. The movies have twofold effects on us which could be both -good or bad. It helps us to look at things from different perspectives, we can either learn a lot from them or can develop bad habits.

Movies are the Break we take from our daily busy life, where we experience different emotions, learn about cultures, religions and various things. There are many genres which impacts our mood. Movies are the stress buster which helps up to enjoy that 1-2 hours by chilling with ourselves keeping that work stress aside.

Like Katrina said in ZNMD "Seize the day my friend. Pehle iss din ko puri tarah jiyo phir chaalis ke baare mein sochna." Din ko jiyo puri tarah but Please Don't literally follow her last sentence, 1- 2 hour of movie time from busy life is still worth it and then chaalis ke baare mein sochnaa. We sometimes relate with the characters played by the actors.

Like Bunny from YJHD since that movie everyone wants "udna chahta hoon, dodna chahta hoon bass rukna nahi chahta" but you still have to stay on ground to earn and then run to chase your dreams and then enjoy some best moments in life.

Movies can be fictional but still we believe them, it helps us to grow our imagination where we are left to wonder what might happen, what should've happened and what if.

I personally always prefer watching Comedy, Rom-com, horror and action films once in a while. It's really worth spending time and money on such films where you have 1-2 hours of laugh when it comes to Comedy or Rom-com.

You can always go and watch Hangover, Why him, Grown ups, Daddy's home for a good laugh.

Just take some time off from your busy schedule by keeping that stress and tension away and enjoy some movie time at least twice a week so you can relax your mind.

So keep that work life aside for a bit coz

Ek movie Break toh banta hai!!!

Rtr. Siddhi Raut

General Body Member

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