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How to Jumpstart Weight Loss

Obesity is a challenging condition. More than half the people are in a hustle to reduce weight. Many desire to have a perfect body and in order to achieve it are on a hunt for a perfect technique to do so. We are here to share a few tips which Will surely help you achieve your perfect body.

There are 3 basic principles of weight loss:

  1. Healthy lifestyle change

  2. Diet

  3. Physical exercise

Healthy lifestyle changes

● You should set your own weight loss goal and plan your lifestyle according to it.

● Switch to healthy homemade food and avoid fast food.

● Quit sedentary lifestyle and be active throughout the day.

● Stock your kitchen with healthy food.

● Get rid of food that increases your weight. You should always have low calorie snack with you.

● Get adequate amount of sleep.

● Consume plenty of water and fruits throughout the day.

● Try to enjoy your food while eating , eat it slowly.

● Try to avoid smoking and drinking.

● Avoid after dinner snacking.

Maintain your Diet

● Drink plenty of water

● Drink a glass of water at the start of every meal it will help you feel full.

● Avoid consuming sugary and artificially flavored beverages.

● Cut down on alcohol or reduce intake.


● Brown rice, egg white, low fat yogurt, lettuce, pea, radish, cauliflower, cucumber, Banana , cherries, cranberries, strawberry etc.

● Eat snacks between two meals and avoid fasting for 6-7 hrs between meals as you will tend to overeat.

● Avoid packed and processed food.

● Reduce the intake of "3 white poisons" named as Salt, Sugar, White Flour.

● Eat adequate and healthy amount of breakfast everyday.

● Try not to skip meals.

● Eat every food item in moderate amount.


● Try to indulge in any physical activity which is comfortable for you.

● Walk for 45 mins everyday.

● Try to make your lifestyle active so that it will help you loose weight.

● Try to indulge in physical activity with your friends so that you will have fun while doing the physical activity .

● Don't sit for long period.

I hope this helps you to get a fit body !!

Stay happy, healthy and smiling!!

RTR. Sakshi Sameer Bharati

(Editor - RC Thane Premium 20-21)

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