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“ NETFLIX” . This is an app with which our generation is quite familiar. Don't you agree?

It has been a pretty good companion during the dull days of lockdown. It’s so amazing that we have thousands of series , movies ,shows just one click away.

Just like any ordinary youngster I have a couple of shows to binge watch. I never get bored watching these shows countless times. These shows never get old for me; they remain garden fresh and exhilarating as brand new.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Do I really need an introduction for this show?

I am pretty sure when you here this name you here

I'll be there for you

(When the rain starts to pour)

I'll be there for you

(Like I've been there before)

I'll be there for you

('Cause you're there for me too).........

This show makes me feel at home . A fun show to watch at any time . This show acts a tonic for me during dull and depressed times. Though i have watched this show countless times i never fail to laugh at the hilarious scenes of the show. Whether it's Rachel's ditziness or Chandler's awkward sarcasm, every episode of Friends has the ability to be an instant pick-me-up. You off course can’t miss the love story of Rachel and ross . This show not only makes you laugh but has many lessons to teach. IThis show gives a perfect example of how friends stand together through thick and thin. I usually prefer watching this show with a cozy blanket and a tub of ice cream in a cozy corner of my room. I always use this iconic show to perk myself at the end of a long and busy day. This show not only portrays the happy emotion but also takes you through the roller coaster ride of various emotions like sadness, nervousness etc. hence it’s a complete package to treat yourself.


This is a Spanish show which seduced thousands of viewer in Spain and then worldwide. It’s a perfect thriller which makes you curious to watch the next episode of the show. The show has a flawless script , cinematography and acting. This show never fails to amuse mw with its amazing twists throughout the show. I fell in love with the amazing and interesting story of the show. The plan of the heist I can only imagine. Every character in the story had a different flavor. I fell head over heels on the love chemistry between the professor and Raquel in the show. They are a perfect example of a power couple. Of course how can I not mention the passionate relationship between Tokyo and Rio. I cannot oversee the efforts made by Tokyo to free Rio. The bold and dashing character of Nairobi touched the heart of every viewer. Overall I can definitely state that it is an awe-inspiring show.


This is a show which makes me fall in love with Paris. It’s funny and exciting. The show basically revolves around the main character Emily who shifted to Paris for her dream job but is unable to converse in French and hence makes it a big obstacle in her work life. It’s a great Saga of romance and the adventures of Emily in Paris. The show caught my eye due to its story and how it teaches us to overcome challenges in our lives with a smiling face without sulking about it. The show is fun for all the fashion lovers out there. The story also portrays the complicated love life of Emily which adds spice to the show. In case you are a great fan of Romcom it’s a must watch for you.


This show is basically a teen drama and has gained a lot of popularity in the recent days.

This show has a amazing story about the teenagers living in a small town Riverdale. The main characters in the show are nice , handsome boy Archie, the girl next door betty, rich and famous girl veronica and a excellent writer Jughead . The show portrays different adventures faced by these teenagers in Riverdale. We can enjoy amazing mysteries solved by these bunch of teenagers. I cannot oversee the chemistry between Betty Jughead and Veronica and Archie. All the four teenagers share a special bond of friendship and try to save their town Riverdale .This is a perfect thriller to binge watch.


I am personally obsessed with this hilarious show. This show is an American police procedural comedy television series .The story revolves around Jake Peralta who is an amazing but immature detective working at the 99th precinct. He often comes in conflict with his commanding officer captain Raymond Holt. The other cast of the show are Charles, Rosa, Amy , Terry, Scully , Hitchcock and Ginna. This is an amazing show portraying all the characters coming together and making the precinct work well. I love that all the collogues share a special bond together and stand together in every situation .I love the hilarious Duo of Charles and Jake they never fail to make me cackle .of course I cannot forget to mention how I enjoy watching the hallowen heist which takes new turns every year. The cherry on the top for the show is Amy and Jake’s tender bond .

This show is a perfect treat to watch.

RTR. Sakshi Sameer Bharati

(Editor - RC Thane Premium 20-21)

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