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BEHIND THE SCENES - Legends of Rotaract Club of Thane Premium

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Rotaract Club of Thane Premium brings together people ages 18 and older to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service.

Rotaract club of thane premium is an extended family for all the members and BOD. We all stand together through thick and thin.

You must have checked out our social Media handles where we post the pictures of the projects we conduct, but you have no clue about behind the scenes of those Projects. While conducting a Project we create millions of memories which are really close to our hearts.

So today I am going to take you down the memory lane of behind the scenes of some of our projects.


On August 3rd 2020:- RTR. Suraj Maurya met the volunteers of Shaurya Foundation at a sanitary pad distributor’s shop as Suraj Maurya has his own pharmacy.

Maurya was surprised to see two young men of his age purchasing so many sanitary pads and approached them to ask them the reason, to which they mentioned their cause and immediately Suraj called our president. To which Rtr. Sagar Rajan Pawar had given him a positive response and immediately went to meet them at the shop.

The first meet was very interesting, looking at our collective efforts the shopkeeper donated us 100 pads for free. These pads were donated in the villages.

This is how a small meet on the pharmacy led to such a big project which ensured the hygiene of women and we also received appreciation.


The picture says it, all after all the hard work everyone was tired and hungry. After sometime we were served with local rice, Kadi and pickle. The food was so tasty that Suraj Maurya sat down on the chatai with the small girl and ate around 3 plates of rice and Kadi and also enjoyed the company of his new friend.

What do you think about our behind the scenes? Aren't they diverting? We being a family work hard as well as enjoy each other's company.

As it is rightly said,

Good times + crazy group of friends + hard work = unforgettable memories ❤️

RTR. Sakshi Sameer Bharati

(Editor - RC Thane Premium 20-21)

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